I’ll shoot myself if you don’t follow me on Instagram or post my photo – Uche Okoye

Nollywood actress, Uche Okoye, has threatened to end her life if Wizkid doesn’t follow her on Instagram. She announced this in a video clip which she shared on her social media page. There is no telling whether to take Okoye seriously, but the actress held a weapon to her head and announced that she will end her life in a week if Wizkid ignores her and refuses to follow her on social media. This is not the first time a lady will threaten to do the worst just to gain the attention of a celebrity. Nigerian singer Davido has been put under such pressure and ended up having to follow the young lady who also seemed willing to die just for a follow back.

Meanwhile, Nigerian singer Burna Boy is becoming prominent as a celebrity who is not afraid to lend his voice in discussing fervent political and social issues. Recently, the musician weighed in on the recent banters on internet fraud committed by Africans particularly Nigerians

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