Simi speaks on being happy that Naira Marley got arrested

Simi has opened up about how she feels concerning the arrest and trial of fellow singer Naira Marley

Naira Marley was picked up few weeks ago by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, who arraigned him in court on Monday on 11 count charges in relation to internet fraud aka Yahoo Yahoo.

Before his arrest, Naira Marley and Simi had a banter on social media over the legitimacy of Yahoo boys. According to Simi, such boys and their activities are putting a dent on the image of Nigeria abroad. However, Naira Marley was of a different opinion stating that what the boys do is a payback for the transatlantic slave trade which saw many of their ancestors sold into slavery.

Shortly after the social media banter, Naira Marley went ahead to release a single titled ‘Am I a Yahoo boy?’. The single didn’t go beyond a week on airplay before he was picked up by EFCC and arraigned in court where he pleaded not guilty.

In a question and answer session hosted by Simi on her page, a fan asked if she was happy the singer got arrested for his open support for Yahoo boys. Simi replied as seen below.

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