How To Set Your Goal

Many of us never knew any thing about goal setting, you might have not heard aboit it, or maybe you dont know how to do it or have time for it. And that made you feel neglect over it in 2019.

I want to blow your mind this 2020, never to make that same mistake you made back then.


A Goal is simply a target which an individual or organisation intends to get or achieve..

Life Goals: Are the big things to work for or accomplish such as travelling, starting uo your business, getting married or all that…

How to set your goal:

Setting goals gives you purpose and the help you to guide your life. Think of the goals to achieve and how you intend achieving them, but firstly you have to;

Make your goals measurable:

Is really important you set a goal that is measurable, a goal that looks quite easy for you to achieve at your stage. Because many have made a mistake of Setting a goal that are not measurable, a goal that has a bigger impact than in your life that you can never thought of achieving even in 5yrs to come..

Set a realistic goal:

A realistic goal is a goal that looks more real and around you and your age,e.g, you have got no business doing and your a bidding a goal of building a big house in the next year..Setting a realistic goal makes you know that life is step by step, you have to make your goals realistic and simple, so you take it gradually. Obstacles may stand on your way and you may feel like quitting but you shouldn’t. By continuously using your compass you can be able to make appropriate adjustment to put your back in the direction. Use your compasses for your goals either weekly, biweekly to continually asses how close you are reaching towards your goals.

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