What Is Your Plan For 2020

Happy New Year!

In arrays we all have seen the this new year 2020, and we all are grateful to God.

How about your 2019, what were your achievements, how about the goals you set,how many did you achieved,what about you that never set a goal, are you comfortable with it or you never knew about setting a goal for yourself. Now, you have got to know this, and plan your life for yourself for a better living..


Know your goals: This is time for you to visualize what you want for yourself in your memory, what you are lacking, and how you want it..

Put it down in a Note: After you must have visualized your goal, write it down in your note/diary. The power of writing is so massive, because it gets to your subsconscious mind and stick there, which makes you never to forget about it..So you try, list down your goal.

Set a reward: After listing down your goals, set a reward for yourself, for each goal that you achieved,try fulfilling your rewards because with that helps you get conscious of it and work hard to achieve them.

Work : You can not stay a place or sleep to achieve your goals, you have to work for it, go out there,find something doing, work hard towards every goals set.

Be Consistence: Consistently work,do not relent, keep working even when you fail to achieve you goals for the year so as to reward your self for your goal achieved, work generously

Determine: Determinations shows how eager you want to achieve your goals in 2020 as you never did in 2019, it shows that you really want this, so you have to be determined so well to reach and achieve yiur goal..

Focus: Focus on those particular goals your set for yourself. focus on how you will be rewarded, when yiu focus on that shows and makes you feel like this is a work you are doing fir someone else and he/she would have to pay you for it .

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