Duties Of A Virtuous Woman

who is a virtuous woman?

A virtuous woman, is a woman to reckon with, she is full of trust, honest and kindness , she may be considered her husband’s best friend and a big asset to the family and to the society. A mother indeed to her children, a woman everyone wants to come close to, she is always happy, ready to give out to the needy without minding.

she demonstrates the attributes of a christian in her life, she displays the principles of the Kingdom of God. Always cheerful and busy with her hands doing something which would benefit the family, the church and those around her. A christian mother that works in fear of God. Always ready to serve without that works in the fear of God. Always ready to serve without eye service, no wonder the bible put her price is higher than Gold to who can find her?


1. She is very prayerful, she always pray for the welfare of the family, she always commit her husband’s work or business into the hands for she knows that is only God who can bless, for riches and wealth comes from God and success of the family lies in God’s hand and it is through prayer will all this can be achieved.

2. Whenever she goes out and she sees something that would be useful to the family she buys it with her money without waiting for the husband to give her money before she buys it.

3. She is not such women who would jump into conclusion on matters, which her husband is suppose to assume authority. Now the wife becomes the spokes person.

4. She always bring her children to the knowledge of God, she do not pamper them in sin. She is a disciplinarian. She do not spare the rod from her children anytime they sin, always ready to correct her children with love as a christian mother do.

5. she teaches her children as well as the house help or whoever is staying with her to pray, the way to salvation and how to thank God for his guidance, sustenance and provision.

6. She is always awake watching over Children, especially when they are not feeling very fine, while some concern. A good wife knows that it is her duty to take care of the children even when her husband is around or not. Sometimes when a Man tends to be discussing with a visitor in the sitting room, is the duty of the wife to keep the children away from the man to avoid distracting their discussion.

7. She is always submissive to her husband in action, and financial material. In some families, it is the mans money that is always used, the woman hardly brings her own money, even when the husband ask for money from her, she would refuse but if he forces her it might result to quarrel. Sometimes she would hide the money outside the house, so that the husband would not see it. But a good and virtuous wife is always submissive even to the last point.

8. A good wife is not too harsh to the children and other members of the family, both the house maid, she is not such a mother who wants her children to eat the best food, while the bad ones goes to the maid such as the ones her children remained will be given to the house help. Or her children will be attending the best school while the maid will not even enroll to evening class talk more of a public school.

9. A virtuous woman is obedient and honors her husband. she sees her husband as the best man under the sun, she never abuse her husband or nag him even if there’s a dispute between them. As a christian mother, she knows that no matter her wealth or age as a woman the husband remains the head of the family.

10. A virtuous woman keeps her husband’s house clean and attractive. When you come into her room or sitting room, it would look like little heaven on earth, everything would be placed in order and not seeing dirty plates scattered everywhere or papers loitered here and there, or unwashed cloths seen everywhere. A good wife teaches her children how to keeps thing clean in an orderly manner.

11. A wise woman doesn’t lay curse on her children, her tongue is always full of blessing. She knows how to use words in the presence of her children because she is very close to them and whatever word she speaks they would understand or copy it from her for this reason she is always mindful of her words before she speaks.

12. She is a good manager of the house, she knows how to manage her husband’s income. Any amount given to her, she is able to use it wisely. Not like the foolish wife who do not know how to manage her husband’s income, no amount that is given to her is enough for her even if is #100,000 as her monthly allowance, before the end of the month she would demand for another money, whatever she sees, she buys . In fact she would want to buy every latest cloth.

13. She must hold her husband’s confidence, there is no doubt to trust in her life. There are cases where some women may not be trusted by their husbands due to characters they portray, for example, you would see a wife whom the husband confide in and the woman will have it revealed to the members of her family. At times when the husband goes out, the woman would bring in another man in their matrimonial home, when caught in the act she might say the man is a member of her family or relation.

In some cases the woman will be sending income to her family members without her husband’s knowledge. if the man runs short of money and ask the wife for some money she will not give him. She would even say that since two months she hasn’t been paid.

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