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9 Things every upcoming artist should know about..

Is really important we go into something open eye’d and not blinded like I did, so am sharing this with you all to make you all understand this before following your passion, is recommended you know this, so when you are entering and starting the journey you are starting with something up head and not barefooted.. Below are some things you need to know as a beginner in the industry….

Firstly discover, believe and know that this is something in you and you love it and can do it everlasting.

* Drawing is the key: The greatest artist have always been an excellent draft man, so you have to learn to draw better and you will in time out of constant drawing improve your artistic ability to the world, carry your sketch book along with you when traveling or going to work, it keeps you on the track always to know what to create and to get perfect.

*Hardwork: We all as a beginner needs to know that Art is hard, and thinking that it should come easily is a big mistake. Because you refuse to sacrifice more time,effort,thought and concentration for your art makes you give up.

*Use Reference image: Art is hard enough,so use references as often and learn to create or come up with your own reference image which can be s master piece of yours..

*Discouragement: there are lots of things that discourages upcoming artist and intermediary artists as well, but firstly know that people will discourage and condemn your work of art, the impression your get from people and social world would discourage you as well,ignore there negativity, or at least take it with a grain of salt. Only those who ignore people condemnation have the chance of being successful. Learn to have confidence in yourself as an artist.

*Uniqueness: Success:- it is better to choose what you have and stick with it, because that is your uniqueness,being unique shows the level confidence you have for your self and your work, be different but unique, dont do what the trend is, because the won’t last but your uniqueness will.

*Start art now: You dont have to wait until you learn how to shade or sketch perfectly, start with what you have.. Dont let procrastination hinder you from going, procrastination is an enemy to creativity, start early and you will finish quick.

* Keep Learning: The more art knowledge you get or have, the more depth your work will gain in the Industry. Take a look at your older work and you will see the growth you made, even when you are getting perfect, keep learning.. Learn to earn.

*Honesty: Never you think of becoming something that you are not in other to succeed in art, dont take any other person’s work of art to publish as yours. Art is not only reflection of artist, but also of the people who loves it.. So be who you are .

*Help other beginning artist: Dont be stingy to keep or store your own idea or technique, because some one once gave you his or her’s, let us all grow in the industry by sharing and helping each other on how we can grow.