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What You Should Know About Fashion – Naijaextrablog

Fashion is seen as the prevalent style of dress or behavior at any given time. Fashion encompasses more than just dresses and outfits but ventures into other fields like furniture, automobiles, and other objects as well as clothing.

That is to say, there is a prevailing fashion in furniture, interior designs, cars, etc. But most time, when the word fashion is used, one’s mind runs to outfits and attires.

Probably because attires, outfits, dresses, clothes, captures our attention more often than not. What does fashion means to you? When most people hear the word fashion, something particular comes to their mind like runways, expensive clothes, top-notch models like Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Chrissy Teigen, and so on.

While that is an aspect of fashion, fashion encapsulates more than that. Fashion consists of what we wear on an everyday basis and why we wear it. For instance, during that harmattan/winter period, we dig out old sweaters, coats, jackets and cardigans that have been buried in our suitcases. And hence, we have certain words being thrown around like, winter fashion, summer fashion, etc.

Fashion is also more personal than what is captured on our TV screen. What are you most comfortable wearing? Sarah might strut around in a half, cut top that exposes her tummy. Susan might not feel comfortable wearing such. Not merely because of some moral or religious objectification, but it simply isn’t her taste in fashion.

Fashion goes beyond the clothes we wear but advances to accessories, hairstyles, beauty, and body art. Fashion is self-expressive because it is a language that tells a story about the person that wears it. According to Katharine Hamnett, a top British Fashion designer, “clothes create a wordless means of communication that we all understand.”

Have you ever judged a person based on their outfits? We are quite guilty of that. In this sense, fashion psychology comes in. Fashion psychology is the study of the impact of clothing choices on the way we perceive and judge others. The term fashion psychology also covers other products in the apparel industry, such as home furnishings, cosmetics, and even automobiles.

Fashion expresses one’s identity, and it doesn’t necessarily boil down to choosing the right garment but instead wearing what one feels most comfortable in. While others might feel more comfortable in western clothing, others might feel more comfortable in their ethnic wears.

This is probably seen in the acceptance of Ankara wears globally. Fashion is essentially the confidence you use to wear a particular outfit or attire. It is translating self-esteem into a personal style.

Have you ever been in a hurry to meet up with an appointment, and you fix yourself up in a bunch of accessories that turn out looking good? Well, that is fashion! Fashion doesn’t necessarily need to be intentional at every turn.

You can quickly start a new trend unintentionally. What matters is the confidence you use in wearing a particular attire. The whole crux of alte fashion balances on being unintentional and carefree in your wears: grab a pair of baggy, old trousers that sweeps the floor, an oversized tee-shirt, a pair of squint through glasses, random accessories, a fanny pack across your chest and yippee! You’ve achieved the alte fashion.

At first glance, you might feel a flicker of confusion, but if you look long enough, confusion turns to admiration; admiration at the unintentional, beautiful artistry.

Fashion is ever-evolving and highly impulsive. It is random at times and a bit strange. The year 2014-2015 brought back style trend from the 90s while 2016 saw the entry of plaids, cold shoulders, tighter knifes pleats, etc. There is also a comeback of vintage wears which dated as far back to the 70s and 80s.

Fashionistas are in search of vintage attires that have been dumped and forgotten. It is quite strange to relive that fashion we admired when we were kids are back in vogue. Can you remember those huge belts called “abortion belts” worn by ladies tight around their waistline? Well, news flash.

Abortion belt is back in fashion, albeit given another name. What of the fashionable bell jeans we wore as kids? They are back in high fashion as palazzo jeans. This shows that the revolving doors of fashion trends are always in action.

Past styles are being revived with one or two modifications, allowing people to restore past fashion more stylishly. As stated earlier, fashion goes beyond clothes to shoes and accessories and even how people do their hair. It, therefore, becomes essential for the fashion industry to keep up with the times even when it goes back to vintage trends.

What causes this revolving nature of fashion? First and foremost, human beings are not static and are mostly influenced by popular cultures. Be it from musicians, actresses, celebrities, supermodels, etc. who serve as trendsetters.

What happens when Beyoncé or Rihanna wears a ball gown and Adidas sneakers? First thing first, the beehives or Navy might follow suit, and before you know it, we have a new fashion trend.

With the unstable nature of fashion, it might be considered unwise to invest so much in luxury wears. Because while a particular outfit might be trending this year, next year, it might turn outdated. For instance, neon color outfits that were reigning in 2019 seem to be dwindling in 2020. And that is fashion for you; it is unstable and unpredictable.

Fashion doesn’t follow a particular pattern. It is crazy and might even border on absurd. For instance, the designer Rei Kawakubo dressed one of her models in tiers of floral brocade. It seemed like the women were covered in Fuchsia sacks stuffed with bits of fur.

Some fashion involves being encased in something as huge as a pumpkin, or a sizeable big rose flower. And that is fashion for you, a combination of crazy, eccentric ludicrous and borders on nonsensical.

Finally, fashion is what you call it. You don’t have to follow a particular fashion bumper to bumper to be termed fashionable. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Become a trendsetter by wearing “YOU!”