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Why And How I Started Blogging – Linda Samuel Co-CEO of “Sapioverts”

While I would like to take full credit of Sapioverts, I couldn’t do that because sapioverts was formed by my best friend and I. it was a simple story of, I love writing, she enjoys writing, and we brainstormed until we came up with the name Sapioverts.

Coming up with the name Sapioverts was not an easy feat. We toyed with so many absurd names until we came up with the name Sapiovert which was a combination of “SAPIOSEXUAL” and “INTROVERT, EXTROVERT” it is the perfect name because I consider myself a sapiosexual.

Yes, while I find intelligence sexually attractive, that hasn’t stopped me from finding a tall, dark, bearded, broody guy attractive as well. But a huge turn off might be when the guy is question types like this: “hi sexy gal. Hw r u? wt is ur nm? Cn I ve ur nmbr?” Before you sharpen your swords ready to attack me, yes, I know English is not a measure of intelligence as it has been said repeatedly, but please! Type according to your look!

Before now, I used to think I struggled between being an introvert and an extrovert. But let’s say I’ve to come to a full-blown realization of myself! I’m a full-pledged extrovert! When I’m nervous? I chatter. Sad? I chatter. Hungry? I chatter.

We also had debated on the right articles to post on Sapioverts. After the initial post on how we came up with the blog, we struggled with the type of content to post. We finally decided on anything that captivates our Interest. I found myself writing more on feminism, relationship, and depression.

Such topics caught my Interest more often than not.
Sapiovert was formed mainly to serve as an outlet to air out certain things we felt needed to be aired out. And it was sure as hell, the perfect outlet!

Now, let’s talk about my love for writing. Have you ever seen this adage, “every reader is a writer” I don’t know if this is particularly true but it sort of worked for me. I started reading harlequin and silhouette at the early age of 11 or so.

While it seemed commendable that I was reading a 300 or more paged novel, there was definitely a downside to this! What was the downside? I got to learn about sex from these romance novels, and I’m not so sure that is the proper way for a teenager to learn about sex.

I wrapped these novels with newspapers to conceal the lewd cover pages. But my dad, Mr. FBI agent, always found a way to nose out my transgression. He was not particularly happy that his teenage daughter devoured romance novels voraciously.

He wasted no time in reporting me to the church elders. They all said what was expected of them, “stop reading romance novels, read your books Miss” only one of the elders said something a tad different from others. I can’t remember his exact wording, but it was something about it being possible that reading and writing might just be my calling.

I like to think that maybe, his comment prodded me to start writing. Or, maybe its something different. At that age, I had viewed my elder brother as an epitome of knowledge. He wrote so many deep poems I couldn’t fathom but admired nonetheless. These poems had beautiful rhyme schemes that you couldn’t help but notice and appreciate.
My first poem went like this:

I wonder
I ponder
I put on some powder
Hoping it will make me look finer

I remember this poem because to date, and my siblings still mock me about it. The poem was about this guy in the neighborhood I had a massive crush on. Lol.
After my sibling’s jab, I figured, “maybe this poem thing might not be for me oh” and decided to try writing. At least in writing, I didn’t have to search for words that ended with “er” to create a rhyme scheme.

Writing was never a consistent habit for me but slightly fluctuated with my current disposition. I found myself scribbling when I was in despair or unhappy about something. It became cathartic for me: A way to purge out unpleasant emotions.

I started participating in some Facebook writing duels, some writing competitions, and so on. But still, it was never consistent.
When Tessie, brought up the idea of a blog, trust me! I welcomed it with open hands.

Writing might be one of the best things that have ever happened to me, you see, when spoken words fail me, I find myself able to express myself more through writing. For instance, say I disagree with some, I will sure as hell, prefer to text the said person instead of approaching the person. Some might think this approach a bit cowardly, but I don’t exactly think so.

With writing, I can think through whatever I want to say, finesse it properly before sending it out to the world.

Writing isn’t all, there is to know about me. I don’t know if this happens to me only, but I hate it when people ask, “so tell me about yourself” once that question is asked, my mind turns to a blank slate. I forget, even the tiniest detail about myself.

I forget my love for novels, my love for my family and friends, or even my love for taking bomb ass pictures. The only thing that pops up in my head at that moment is my love for plantain which happens to be my favorite food. So, at random, if that question is asked, my classic reply will be, “well, I love plantain.”

As an offshoot, I find that question superficial. I mean, you can ask me about myself and I might just decide to spew lies to impress you. If you want to know about me, stick around, and you’ll find out. winks