How to promote your Affiliates marketing links:

Is been something kind of hard and easy for the individuals out there who has always or aims to earn and make leavings online to pay for there Bill’s and tasks, and affiliate marketing is one of the businesses you can do to earn a good and cool money from, by just marketing products of a particular company, persuade people to buy products from your link and you get commissions for each product sold from your link..

But is something that seem hard, because I have gone through this situation and it wasnt easy for me in getting people buy from my link and how to get more people see my link to buy from it…..

But is really important to have your link get/reach out to many people out there, because the more it gets to them the more you get clicks and the more you get sales, simple right? But I want to share with you some simple mediums and ways you can push out your link to buyers to buy from your link;

Promote your Affiliate marketing links:

*Affiliate Website Reviews:

Firstly you should understand the company you are promoting and the products they offer to people. So you have to use this opportunity to write honest/straightforward reviews about the products that you are promoting. But you have to focus on the keywords and headings that will match the search content.

* Create Affiliate Banner:

This also provides links in the form of Affiliate banners, you can place this clickable banners in several places on your blog,website or social media handle such as the header or footer.

*Automated Welcome Emails (email marketing):

Email marketing is a good tactic way for driving visitors to your site/blog, once readers or visitors subscribes/follows your blog, you send them an automated welcome email. In this email you need to to put down the Affiliate links by sharing articles related to the link. NOTE: Be honest/unique, build trust.

* Youtube Affiliate links:

Videos are more a powerful marketing tool as a marketer,even to advertise, you have the ability to create video content making a review on a particular product, include your Affiliate links in the process could be in the call to action or description.

* Tools or resources:

On your website or your page (social media or any) create a resource page that would be highlighting the top products you recommend is best for your readers, and you can list and discuss the products you regularly use and recommend.

*Facebook Affiliate Promote:

Having a facebook page is really important as an Affiliate marketer either personal or business page, sharing your product links and making reviews of each of them, but always bear in mind do not spam with the Affiliate links posts. Your goal is for readers to click on your link and buy. You can post about trends like entertainment or educational articles with link related to one of it..

Instagram Affiliate Promote:

Instagram is another way you can push your Affiliate link to readers, since Instagram does not let links on descriptions, you have to drive fans to your BIO from your story to your bio , because Instagram posts are not clickable.


Since last 2 years, pinterest has allowed to add direct affiliate links to there pins instead of going through blog. Which means over 200 millions users on pinterest can see it immediately for free. Without realizing it you can click on an Affiliate link without knowing.

When someone clicks in an affiliate link in pinterest it redirects the person to the affiliate page product and when you buy the owner gets commission.

* Twitter Affiliate marketing:

Twitter has beenbeen a very powerful digital medium on the global world. If you do it right, the will get it right right. Before you begin Affiliate marketing on Twitter you need to have a goal first; building long lastinglasting with audience,increasing brand awareness,increase in loyalty and services offered.

To advertise on yourTwitter, you have set up and good captions for your description/bio, build your followers, engage with other people and share your link always, do note spam as well.

*WhatsApp Affiliate marketing:

Every medium, there is a way of promoting your link to buyers and readers but is all about building an engagement with others, whatsapp is a good place of promoting your links..

On your status on WhatsApp, you can post a picture of the product, and a little description containing the review of the product and post it on your status.

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