My First Day At School – Christabel Ikeh.

My first day in Flame intl college is a day i will never forget. It was on a monday morning that i came with my father to the school which is just some kilometers away from my home. We were led to the bursary department where we made all necessary payments. Before my admission into the college, i had taken an entrance exam. I was excited to be given a provisional admission into the college.

At the bursary, I was given a file to fill, which I did and I was happy when my admission slip was handed over to my father after the clearance of fees. I was so curious that my father left at the bursary department and stepped a little further to see the school environment. I was happy what I saw, the school building what’s sculpted in L form three storey building with well conditioned classrooms,labs and offices.

I was lost in the thought when someone softly tapped me from behind, I turned and saw a beautiful fair girl who should be about seventeen years old. She was dressed in her well ironed school uniform- sky blue shirt, navy blue skirt and customized navy blue socks with schools motto and logo on it. She wore a black shoes which was well polished, her hair was plaited all-back, no designs or beads unlike other schools.

She introduced herself as the deputy senior prefect of the school. At the mention of the deputy senior prefect,I was caught in fear immediately, but I was at ease by the way she held my right hand as if we already know each other before.

I looked into her face, behold she was smiling. I told her I wanted to meet my father at the bursary, but she opted to go with me. My father 2as already waiting, she told her to go and promised that I will be taken good care of. She called a student to take me with my assigned locker to my class.

In the class I saw good looking students who were my classmates.

Few minutes later a bell was rung and I looked at my wrist it was 7:20am, I saw many students tropping out of their classes,others who were sweeping and cleaning left all that they were doijg to join the rest in the assembly l hall.

A student mounted the pulpit and led other students in praise and worship songs. After that she ushered in a pastor called “Pastor T(I can not forget) who i later found out to be the school chaplain. He preached to us later on other protocols were observed and went back to our classes, before we could sit down, the first teacher entered the classroom it was 8am, we greeted her and she introduced her self and the subject she was about to teach. She told us to introduce ourselves one after the other which we did.

In fourty minutes, she was through and another teacher was already waiting. The next teacher came in immediately she left. He introduced himself and the subject. It was same one after the other until it was 11:20am when the bell was rung many times unlike the one for change of lesson. In less than a minute a student spoke with a mic, “put on your beret and close your eye, open your hymn book”, after the song we prayed and she asked us to go for our break.

By 12noon, the break was over and we went in for PREP. A make student came in introducing himself as the senior prefect of the school. It was same student that made the announcement in the morning. He instructed us to only read our books because the prep period was meant for reading of books and not copying of notes or playing.

When it was 2pm, the bell was rung again for dismissal. It was the first day of school resumption. During dismissal assembly, we were informed that the extra lessons would commence on the second week. At the same time, I was happy to go home. The boarder went to their hostel.


The orientation day was another day that kept re-occuring on my mind. That day, all the new student in all the classes in the school were instructed to gather at the school hall. I was surprised at the number of the students that came out.

During the orientation, we got to know the school principal properly, she gave put her speech and welcomed us to the school, followed by the vice principal, the dean of studies, other members of the staff, and then the school functionaries. There, we were taught the school social norms and values. We were educated academically, socially and morally. We were taught on how to improve our reading culture and other things.

It was there that I learned as a girl who is to be a lady someday that I have to develop some emulative qualities. As responsible individuals, we were strictly instructed not to eat while walking along the road. I learn how to walk,eat and sit.

We were also instructed to construct personal timetables because competitions is one of the hall marks of flame college. We got to know the rules and regulations of the school. The rules and regulations were as follows.

Improper dressing:

A child is not properly dressed when his/her shirt is not stocked in, sandals/shoes unbuckled or cloths not ironed.


The bell for assembly normally goes by 7:20am every day, any child not found in the school 7:20am is late.


Absentism without permission is regarded as truancy.


Frolicking along the corridor or anywhere around the school premises during study hours is a taboo in flame college.


Neatness is also one of the hallmark in flame college, as an adage says cleanliness is next to godliness;untidiness and uncleanness of any kind is not welcomed.

Rudeness to superior authority:

Rudeness and disobedience to teachers,school head or functionaries is highly prohibited, quarrelling and fighting is punishable by suspension, stealing of any type may lead to expulsion, bullying of juniors by seniors is not condoled, while willful damage of any school properties leads to suspensions after replacing it.

Eating at the wrong time:

Eating in the classroom when lessons is going on is wrong and littering wastes is also prohibited.

Leaving the school before closing hours is an offense that attracts punishment in the school.

This was my ist-3rd at school….i will take you on the next version soon.

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